Internal Quality Assurance Cell
Internal Quality Assurance Cell
Goals and Objectives
  • To develop a system for the conscious, consistent and catalytic improvement in the overall performance of the institution.
  • To make "Quality Enhancement" as an integral part of the institutional functioning - Internalization and Institutionalization of quality enhancement initiatives.
  • To assure all the stakeholders the accountability of the institution for its own quality.
  • Generating and promoting awareness on Quality sustenance.
  • Devising procedures and mechanisms to maintain quality in all the operational aspects of the system-Teaching-learning-Evaluation process.
  • Measuring the outcome of academic performance of the institution.
  • Ensuring continuous improvement in all the operational aspects of the University.
  • Keeping the institution abreast of quality sustenance activities through Workshops / Seminars / Demonstrations / Case Studies / Panel Discussions.
  • Developing realistic and attainable quality benchmarks for each of the academic and administrative activity through plan of action, internal assessment, workshops etc.
Constitution of IQAC
Sr. No. Composition of the IQAC Name Institution
1 Chairperson: Head of the University Dr. Dinesh R Shah UTU
2 Senior administrative officer Dr. Chinmay Desai UTU
3 Dr. Jitesh Parmar UTU
4 Teachers Dr. Sandesh Rajmal Lodha MPC
5 Dr. Vijay Gondaliya B.V.Patel Inst.of Management
6 Dr. Manoj Gundalia CGPIT
7 Dr. R Krishnamurthy CGBIBT
8 Dr. Anshuman Kalla CGPIT
9 Dr. Devendra Thakor CGPIT
10 Dr. Nilesh Pandya Dept.of Chemistry
11 Mr. Sandip Delwadkar BMIIT
12 One Member from the Management Mr. Kirit Patel BPKM
13 Nominee from local Society, students and Alumni Advt. Gautam Vyas Advocate, Bardoli
14 Mr. Nitin Savaliya Alumni Student
15 Mr. Hindustani Modi Alumni Student
16 Ms. Brinda Dave Student
17 Nominee from Employers/ Industrialists/Stakeholder Dr. Aman Desai AETHER Industries Ltd.
18 Mr. Jay Desai BosLoe
19 Mr. Amit Chauhan Bluestar India
20 Pinaz Mogal India Infoline Finance Limited
21 Senior teachers as the coordinator/Director of the IQAC Dr. Shailesh Shah UTU