Ragging is strictly prohibited in UKA TARSADIA UNIVERSITY and its constituted institute , both inside and outside the campus and anyone found guilty of ragging and/or abetting ragging whether actively or passively ,or being a part of conspiracy to promote ragging, is liable to be punished in accordance with ugc regulations on curbing the menace of ragging in higher educational institutions. 2009 (under section 26(1)(g) of the university grant commissions act , 1956) as well as its time to time amendments is being in force.

The UKA TARSADIA UNIVERSITY is committed to follow all regulations and guidelines promulgated by the UGC and other higher authorities all will not permit or condone any incident of ragging in any form and will take all necessary and required measures to achieve the objective of eliminating ragging, within the university or outside.

The University has constituted the following committees to take immediate and stringent action against those found guilty in accordance with the UGC regulations,with immediate effect.

Sr. No. Name Department Email Id Contact No
1 Dr. R Krishnamurthy (Chairman) CGBIBT 9825349279
2 Dr. Kruti Thakkar Physiotherapy 8511917407
3 Dr. Heena Rathod Physiotherapy 8980676644
4 Mr. Krutarth Patel CGPIT 9033259663
5 Mr. Harshal Patel CGPIT 9586896919
6 Mr. Viral Panchal CGPIT 9429369896
7 Mr. Sudhakar Nakka CGPIT 8238797970
8 Mr. Dipak Dabhi CGPIT 9586340707
9 Mrs. Palak Trivedi CGPIT 9913157714
10 Dr. Vibha Patel CGPIT 9904202608
11 Ms. Nupur Pathak CGPIT 9638138200
12 Ms. Shreya Desai CGBIBT 9724239594
13 Ms. Jemisha Mistry CGBIBT 9714333244
14 Dr. Mitesh Dwivedi CGBIBT 9723142350
15 Dr. Renu Chauhan MPC 9904050534
16 Ms. Dhrumi Naik MPC 7096033692
17 Ms. Mitali Patel AMTICS 7567787704
18 Dr. Ronak Patel SRIMCA 9904057885
19 Ms. Richa Gosvami MBNC 9727810323
20 Ms. Divya Chaudhari MBNC 8141067704
21 Ms. Amita Rathod Dept.of English 7567944813
22 Ar. Dhruti Shah RBSA 9601865161
23 Ms. Vaishali Pillai B.V.Patel Inst.of Management 8306366963
24 Mr. Hitesh Rajput Dept.of Physics 9727561617
25 Mr. Nikhil Choksi Dept.of Mathematics 9427589909
26 Dr. Chintan R. Patel TICS 9825613436
27 Mr. Rajnish Raj Diwaliba 7004887175
28 Mr. Rakesh Savant BMIIT 9913730497
29 Dr. Divya Gadaria SRIMCA-MBA 9925207582
30 Dr Hemant Bagul KIASRC 9726552796
31 Mr. Gautam U. Vyas Advocate & Notary 9426104030
32 Police Inspector Mahuva 02625-255733
33 Mr. Pritesh Malvi Journalist 8000099911
34 Ms. Chanchalben Rector - 9427035363
35 Mr. Aplesh Pandya UTU-Admin 9537976866
36 Mr. Mukesh Bhandari Parents 9824501825
37 Ms. Tabbassum Shaikh Parents 9664576473
38 Ms. Garima Kakkar (Member Secretary) UTU 7226833414
Student Members
Sr. No. Student Name Contact No Course Email Id
1 Ankitha Rajpurohit 9100275174 BBA
2 Yuvika jayesh Patel  7600309076 BBA
3 Desai Vraj Darshan Bhai 9408766951 B.Pharm
4 Senapati Preeti 9409442746 B.Pharm
5 Mr. Abhi Patel 9924748147 B.Tech(CE)
6 Mr. Jay Patel 9427579711 B.Tech(IT)
Anti – Ragging Squad
Sr. No. Name Designation Course Contact No
1 Dr. Rushabh Shah Asst.Professor 9512487799
2 Ar. Shah Dhaval Asst.Professor 9099261641
3 Mr. Sunil Valand Asst.Professor 9033253202
4 Mr. Trupal Rathod Asst.Professor 9972415287
5 Dr. Ronak B. Patel Asso.Professor 9904057885
Nodal Officer
Sr. No. Name Designation Course Contact No
1 Dr. Chinmay Desai I/c Registrar 9727600015

The chairman of the Anti Ragging Committee will conduct the committee meeting periodically , discuss the issues regarding curbing the menace of ragging, take suitable steps for preventing ragging in the University and implement the UGC regulations.

The Anti – ragging squad will be responsible for maintaining vigil and performing patrolling functions and shall remain mobile ,alert and active at all times.

The Monitoring cell of UTU shall coordinate with the affiliated colleges and institution under the domain of the University to achieve the objectives of the UGC Ant ragging Regulations; shall call for reports from the Heads of institutions in regard to the activities of the Anti-Ragging Committees, Anti-Ragging Squads, and the Monitoring cell at the institutions.

The Monitoring Cell shall also review the effort made by institutions to publicize anti ragging measures, soliciting of affidavits from parents/guardians and from students, each academic year , to abstain from ragging activities and shall function as the prime mover for initiating action on the part of the appropriate authorities of the University for amending the Statutes or Ordinances or Byelaws to facilitate the implementation of anti- ragging measures at the level of the institution.

The name, contact number and email address of the UGC Nodal Officer of UTU is also furnished to whom any affected student can take up his or her case.

We, at Uka Tarsadia University, are committed to provide excellent facilities congenial environment and ragging – free atmosphere in the campus to all students

UGC 24X7 Anti – Ragging Helpline