Entrepreneurship Development & Startup Cell
Entrepreneurship Development and Startup Cell

ENTREPRENEURSHIP DEVELOPMENT AND STARTUP CELL is established with an objective to start the startup culture across all institutes of Uka Tarsadia University (UTU). This cell is intends to create an ecosystem for promoting Entrepreneurship and start-ups for students of UTU. The cell is helping students by providing mentorship and conducting various lectures. The cell also provides support across all facets of satrtup and throughout all stages of venture development.

  • Act as an institutional mechanism to provide services to budding entrepreneurs.
  • Conduct awareness programmes in house and at other institutes.
  • Enhancing industry institute interaction through guest lectures and industry visits.
  • Conduct programmes on idea generation and business plan preparation and skill development.
  • To respond effectively to the emerging challenges and opportunities both at national and international level relating to enterprises.

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Committee Members:

In Continuation notification no. 04/2021, regarding Entrepreneurship Development and Startp Cell dated on 23/07/2021, the Hon. Provost has been pleased to reconstitute it as Entrepreneurship Development and Startup Cell, as under, for the period of one years.

Sr. No. Name Department Email Id Contact no.
1 Dr. Kiran Pandya (Chairman) MBA kiran.pandya@utu.ac.in 9427104853
2 Mr. Vijay Dayama B.V.Patel Inst.of Commerce vijay.dayama@utu.ac.in 8233253800
3 Dr. Bhavik Satani MPC bhavik.satani@utu.ac.in 6353033899
4 Mr. Samaresh Pal Roy MPC samaresh.roy@utu.ac.in 9377077712
5 Mr. Gunvant Solanki CGPIT gunvant.solanki@utu.ac.in 8866813413
6 Mr. Jay patel AMTICS jay.patel@utu.ac.in 9879277992
7 Ms. Mubashshirahbanu Shekh SRIMCA mubashshirahbanu.shekh@utu.ac.in 8000895574
8 Dr Jawahar G CGBIBT g.jawahar@utu.ac.in 8898818531
9 Mr. Bhrugesh Joshi CGBIBT bhrugesh.joshi@utu.ac.in 9408481030
10 Mr. Sapan Naik BMIIT sapan.naik@utu.ac.in 9586113399
11 Ar. Anand Mehta RBSA anand.mehta@utu.ac.in 9537418571
12 Mr. Jenish Modi Diwaliba jenish.modi@utu.ac.in 9726539532
13 Dr. Falak Kanabar Physiotherapy falak.kanabar@utu.ac.in 8460524989
14 Mr. Parvez Malek B.V.Patel Institute of Management parvez.malek@utu.ac.in 9824160392
15 Dr. Swapnil Chaurasia SRIMCA-MBA swapnil.chaurasia@utu.ac.in 8090231331
16 Dr. Vishva Jain Dept.of Physics vishva.jain@utu.ac.in 8511421809
17 Dr. Nikunj Sohaliya KIASRC nikunj.sohaliya@utu.ac.in 8866567082
18 Ms. Garima Kakkar (Member Secretary) UTU garima.kakkar@utu.ac.in 7226833414
Contact Us

Garima Kakkar
Chief Coordinator, Entrepreneurship Development Cell,

Shrimad Rajchandra Institute of Management and Computer Application,
Maliba Campus, GopalVidyanagar,
Bardoli-Mahuva Road,
Dist: Surat, Gujarat: 394350