Equal Oppotunity Cell (EOC)
Equal Oppotunity Cell (EOC)

UGC has extended the Services of SC/ST cell to OBC, minority and Disabled students, the Equal Opportunity Cell was established in Our University on 1st August 2017 to address the issues related to SC/ST, the OBC and minorities and the physically challenged on a continual basis. The committee constituted with eminent personalities of the University as its members. The Equal Opportunity Cell (EOC) Soon after the Notification of UGC , the EOC decided to make every possible effort to make the Uka Tarsadia University for all. It ensures a barrier free access to all buildings of Colleges, Departments, Libraries, Hostels and Offices.

The main objectives of the cell are

The EOC oversees the effective implementation of the principle of equal opportunities to all. The main objectives of the cell are mentioned below:

  • 1. The EOC will ensure equity and equal opportunity to the community at large in the University and bring about social inclusion.
  • 2. The EOC will recommend and oversee the implementation of policies and programmes for the disadvantaged groups.
  • 3. The EOC will recommend measures to enhance the diversity among the students and employees and at University.
  • 4. The EOC will coordinate all the programmes of various agencies and Governments running in the University which aim to ensure equality for different marginalized sections of the society.
  • 5. The EOC will compile all the relevant information about students and teaching staff that belong to the marginalized section of the society.
  • 6. The EOC will be responsible for the faithful observance of the policies and guidelines of the Central Government, State Governments and University Grants Commission (U.G.C.) regarding the welfare of the marginalized section of the society.
  • 7. The EOC, through various means will sensitize the people regarding special need of the Differently able, SC, ST, OBC minorities and women.
  • 8. The EOC will hold awareness programmes regarding the special needs of different sections at the beginning of the academic session in the University and various hall of residences.

Activities of Equal Opportunity Cell
  • In order to enhance the professionalism and expertise of their domain various seminars and workshops were organized for students.
  • Remedial coaching classes will be conducted if required

- List of Equal Opportunity Cell :
Committee Members:
Sr. No. Particular Name
1 Coordinator/Convener Ms. Divya Gadaria
2 Representative (SC) Ms. Hinal Surati
3 Representative (ST) Dr. Chinmayee Patel
4 Representative (OBC) Dr. Pintu Prajapati
5 Representative (Religious and language minorities) Dr. Vilas Surana
6 Representative (General) Dr. Mitali H. Patel