Student Clubs
Extracurricular Activities
Student Clubs

Participation in the activities of various clubs and organizations on campus provides students an opportunity to acquire leadership, planning, and social skills that are important for leading a fulfilling and successful life. Student clubs are managed by students themselves with guidance from a faculty advisor.

Student clubs are a great place to meet new people and learn new things. If you have joined the same club you get to know people who have at least one common interest, and that ensures there is something to talk about. Through participating in events, projects and social activities of such clubs, you develop your personality, become confident as leaders and are ready to face the real world. Having previous experience in such a student organization can also set you apart from the pack when applying for a job, fresh out of college and you become an asset for your future employer.

  • Drama/Theatre Club
  • Environment Club
  • Photography Club
  • Health & Fitness Club
  • Literature & Language Club