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SRCP OPD at Maliba Campus, Bardoli

The outpatient department (OPD) of Physiotherapy has Electrotherapy Unit, Exercise therapy unit, Paediatric unit, Obesity treatment and fitness unit. It is very well equipped with therapeutic instruments like Short wave Diathermy, US Therapy, TENS, IFT, Muscle Stimulator, IRR, PWB, Hydro collator Packs, Traction Unit, Suspension Therapy and many more to render customized physiotherapy treatment and rehabilitation for physical ailments like arthritis, spondylitis, back ache, shoulder injuries, sports injuries and many more physical treatable medical conditions in the neurological and cardio-respiratory medical conditions.

The College has a multipurpose gymnasium named as 'PRABHA ARVIND GYMNASIUM'. The gymnasium has treadmill, stepper, Elliptical trainer, and multipurpose chest press, etc. The gymnasium is used during the clinical hours for treatment of patients and after the college hours it is opened for the use of students and staff of various institutes/departments of UTU.

The college also has a Meditation Hall named as 'PREMI PARAG Meditation Hall' for Meditation and Yoga.

The Physiotherapists at SRCP are experts in their respective area of specialization; they incorporate their field insight into proper diagnosis, effective treatment and patient education.

The OPDs offer free services from 8:30am to 4pm to outdoor patients.


SRCP OPD at Maliba Campus Bardoli

Number of patients
Month Year 2022 Year 2023 Year 2024
Jan 196 257 320
Feb 280 316  
March 242 328  
April 200 216  
May 189 223  
June 192 194  
July 206 312  
Aug 132 302  
Sept 208 349  
Oct 147 328  
Nov 261 216  
Dec 253 291  
Total 2615 3623 320

Year Number of patients
2013 1761
2014 2189
2015 3799
2016 4646
2017 4227
2018 4958
2019 4783
2020 1,879
2021 3050