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Staff of Chemistry Department

Teaching staff
Photo Name Designation Area of Interest Email address
Prof. Kishor Desai Prof.(Dr). Kishor Desai Emeritus Professor and Research Director Green Chemistry, Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Synthetic Dyes, Medicinal Chemistry, Heterocyclic Chemistry kishor.desai@utu.ac.in
Dr. Paresh N. Patel Dr. Paresh N. Patel I/C Director,
Assistant Professor
Development of green methodology in organic synthesis for effective drugs molecules paresh.patel@utu.ac.in
Dr. Bhavin R. Patel Dr. Bhavin R. Patel Assistant Professor Synthetic Organic Chemistry bhavin.patel@utu.ac.in
Mr. Anand J. Patel Dr. Anand Patel Assistant Professor Formulation and Drug Delivery System anand.patel@utu.ac.in
Mr. Pramod J. Patil Dr. Pramod J. Patil Assistant Professor Organic Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry pramod.patil@utu.ac.in
Dr. Dharmesh R. Chejara Dr. Dharmesh R. Chejara Assistant Professor Synthesis and characterization of biodegradable polymer based materials for tailor-made applications. dharmesh.chejara@utu.ac.in
Dr. Nilesh S. Pandya Dr. Nilesh S. Pandya Assistant Professor Organic Chemistry, Natural Pigments, Carbohydrate. nilesh.pandya@utu.ac.in
Dr. JYOTI SINGH Dr. JYOTI SINGH Assistant Professor Physical chem., Synthesis of fluorine containing bio-active organic compound and ionic liquids Jyoti.singh@utu.ac.in
Dr. Chintan R. Patel Dr. Chintan R. Patel Assistant Professor Inorganic, Bioinorganic and Organic Chemistry chintan.rpatel@utu.ac.in
Dr. B. Rajamouli Dr. B. Rajamouli Assistant Professor Design and synthesis of luminescent organic fluorophores rajamouli.boddula@utu.ac.in
Dr. Amrutlal Prajapat Dr. Amrutlal Prajapat Assistant Professor Wastewater treatment, Polymer degradation/depolymerization, Polymer derivatization, Analytical chemistry, Acoustic Cavitation, Hydrodynamic Cavitation amrutlal.prajapat@utu.ac.in
Dr. Sachinkumar Modha Dr. Sachinkumar Modha Assistant Professor Organic Photochemistry ? Mechanistic investigation and effect of various Lewis acids on photochemical transformations. Multicomponent reactions - Alkyne activation, Transition metal catalysis and applications into natural product synthesis. sachin.modha@utu.ac.in
Dr. Sumit K. Panja Dr. Sumit K. Panja Assistant Professor Fluorescence Organic Materia; Photochemistry of Organic and Inorganic Materials; Nonlinear Organic Materials; Nano Materials. sumit.panja@utu.ac.in
Dr. Anil H. Gore Dr. Anil H. Gore Assistant Professor Analytical Chemistry-Fluorescent and colorimetric probe, Carbon based functional nanomaterials & their hybrid for multifaceted applications, Sustainable nanotechnology & environmental remediation anil.gore@utu.ac.in
RUTU D.PATEL Ms. Rutu Patel Teaching Assistant Physical & Polymer chemistry rutu.dpatel@utu.ac.in
Mr. Dipen Desai Dr. Dipen Desai Teaching Assistant Heterocyclic Chemistry, Name Reaction, IR and NMR Spectroscopy dipen.hdesai@utu.ac.in
Non teaching staff
Mr. Ankit Patel Mr. Ankit Patel Office Assistant    
Ms. Ankita M. Patel Ms. Ankita M. Patel Lab Assistant    
Ms. Hiral Patel Ms. Dipiksha Gamit Lab Assistant    
Mr. Shailesh Halpati Mr. Shailesh Halpati Peon    
Mr. Tejas Patel Mr. Tejas Patel Peon