Shrimad Rachandra Museum
History about Shrimad Rachandra Museum

Shrimad Rajchandra Museum situated in front of Maniba Bhula Nursing College in continuation with SRIMCA department. The Museum was built in the year 2008. It consists of 2887Sq. Ft.

This Museum is a tribute to Bhuladada Who was strong follower of Shrimad Rajchandra. It was made under the special supervision of Mr. Kiritbhai Patel to fulfil the wishes of Bhula dada.

The Museum consists of the life events of Shrimad Rajchandra.

The strory goes on........

Shrimad Rajchandra is born in Vavaniya to Mrs. Devbai Ravjibhai and Ravjibhai Panchanbhai Mehta on 9-11-1867. He was born on an auspicious day that is Dev Diwali at 2:00 am. He was named as Raichandbhai by his parents and late he was called as Shrimad Rajchandra. As a child in his younger age itself he showed exemplary intelligence and was interested to educate others. He was having extraordinary talent of mindfulness, photogenic memory and wisdom which helped his followers and devotees during teaching.

Death of his uncle from a snake bite and lighty of his future pyre gave him his enlightment and brought back to him the events of his previous birth.

He always questioned events related to death, life, after death and what happens to soul after death .

He was a strong follower of Mahavir Swami and his preaching. His teaching echoed that one should recognize one's own soul and rest everything will come in place.

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi after returning from South Africa was in great dilemma of his religious identity. After meeting Shrimad Rajchandra,he advised him what religion he should follow and this brought about remarkable change in Gandhi, he was able to transform his life with values to truth and nonviolence with the blessing of Shrimad Rajchandra and due to this change he was called as Mahatma Gandhi. Main teaching of Shrimad rajchandra is "Believe in Karma, do good to others, do not lose any opportunity to do good to others".

He was married to Zalakbai in 1988 at the age of 21 years. He had child named Kashi and at the age of 3 years he started teaching her about Aatma. He received visitors around the world and enlightened then with knowledge and wisdom. He has authored two books called “Mokshmala” and “Atmasidhi-sastra”. In a public meeting with his extraordinary powers, he was able to 100 people attend at a time and answer their questions instinctively. Many public figures like high court judge, etc. were present on that day. This incidence was reported in the newspaper "Mumbai Samachar". This Activity called as a "Satavdhani Prayog".

At the age of 32 he suffered from an illness, he became bad bound and at the age of 33 he breathed his last breath. In his memory a temple was bulid in Agas Village.

The above important events are depicted in paintings with narratives in Gujarati, is displayed in the museum. Apart from this it also have a meditation blog, books and CD's , audio- visual ads which can impart more information.

It is a place work for a visit which definitely can be a life changing experience.