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Welcome to Godavariba School of Interior Design

The Godavariba School of Interior Design (GSID) was established in 2015 at the Uka Tarsadia University, offering a four year (8 Semesters full-time) Bachelor of Interior Design (B.I.D.) degree programme. The School forms a part of the Faculty of Design, Planning and Architecture (FDPA) at UTU.

Teaching Design involves learning of creative, technical and psychological aspects of design and aesthetics of an interior environment. Design is a multidisciplinary and multidimensional field, covering arts and crafts, technology, anthropology, science, management et cetera. The Interior Design programme aims to encourage nascent minds towards - inquisitiveness, a sense of curiosity and an ability to question and define norms, an intricate understanding of life within the built and a responsible and professional attitude towards design; these means, taught through different methodologies, shall ultimately endow them with abilities to create harmonious and qualitative interior environments. Such environments would reflect a balance of individual aspirations, aesthetics, sustainability, function and commercial viability.

The coursework in the B.I.D. programme will be of three kinds - Core, Elective and Foundation. Subjects will fall in four broad categories - Creative, Skill-based, Technical and Humanities. Teaching will primarily be conducted as interactive studios, hands-on workshops and theoretical lectures.

Semester system at GSID accelerates the teaching-learning process and enables vertical and horizontal mobility in learning. Further, credit-based semester system provides flexibility in designing curriculum and assigning credits based on the course content and hours of teaching.


  • To nourish students minds with a spirit of inquiry, sensitivity towards built and un-built realms and a sense of professional and moral responsibility
  • To empower the students to orchestrate qualitativeinterior milieus
  • To make the most of a multidisciplinary and interactive environment by becoming open to new ideas and inspirations even in the most unexpected-of scenarios


  • Our vision is to inculcate in our students a sense of respect and responsibility towards the built environment and prepare them to tackle the most complex of design issues with a grounded and explorative mindset.


"There is a tremendous demand of proficient Interior Designers today at all levels of the design, construction and real estate fraternities. What is verily lacking is an institutionalized system to prepare individuals for a specialized and grueling profession, to train them into becoming conscious and sensible designers. An institutionalized professional is what we aim to deliver to the social order after a rigorous process of four years - an individual who is focused, observant and sensitive to the needs of society and its many participants at large."

- Ar. Sumesh Modi
Dean, Faculty of Design, Planning & Architecture