Engineering Workshop
Engineering Workshop
Mechanical Workshop

The mechanical workshop is one of the most vibrant places of the university campus. It facilitates the engineering students to develop professional skills and research activities. The workshop is well equipped with all necessary instruments and machineries to fabricate components for undergraduate and research projects.

MachineTool shop:

Machine shop is equipped with all the state of the art basic machine tools required for all kind of machining work.

i.e. Light duty Lathe m/c., 17 No. (Electric motor: 1 HP, Bed length 1400 mm, Swing over bed : 320 mm)

Medium duty all gear lathe m/c. 2 No. (Electric motor: 2 HP (1440 rpm) , Bed length: 1370 mm, Swing over bed: 423 mm)

Horizontal milling m/c. Electric motor : 2 HP Table traverse (longitudinal x cross x vertical) : 650 x 235 x 420 mm

Vertical milling m/c. Electric motor : 2 HP Table traverse (longitudinal x cross x vertical) : 200 x 150 x 700 mm

Surface Grinding m/c . : Electric motor : 1 HP Max. table travel L x B : 580 x 230 mm

Radial Drilling m/c. Drill head motor : 2 HP, Drilling capacity : 25 mm

Shaper machine, 2 no. Electric motor: 2 HP (1440 rpm), Length of ram stroke: 610 mm

Tool and Cutter Grinding machine Table traverse (longitudinal x cross) : 200 x 150 mm

Fabrication shop :

It is one of the important shop to fabricate the various types of part. It is equipped with some latest welding techniques machines.

I.e. MIG Welding - D.C. inverter type TIG welding – AC/DC Pulse type with water cooled

Shielded Metal arc welding - 200 amp o/p current

Oxy Acetylene gas welding/cutting

Carpentry and Fitting shop :

This shop is equipped with all the kind of necessary basic instruments required to impart skill for wooden work and metal work respectively.

Smithy shop :

In this shop all the work related to smith forging can be done. It is available with basic facilities required for forging work. i.e. Furnace, anvil, sewage block, etc.

Auto scanning and vehicle testing lab :

It is one of the important lab available with most of the modern facilities required for the maintenance and repairing work of automobile vehicles.

i.e. Wheel balancer - Max wheel wt. 70 kgFuel injector tester and cleaner - Injecting times0~9900 Step: 100ms, Head beam aligner - Illuminance5000 lux to 20000 lux

Tyre changer - Max wheel dia. 41" 3D wheel alignment machine Five gas analyser

Internal combustion engine lab :

In this lab, one can check the performance and testing of different kind of I. C. engines. It is equipped with six different kinds of engine given below.

Multi cylinder four stroke petrol engine - Engine size 800 CC

Single vertical cylinder diesel engine test rig – Engine power 5HP

Four cylinder four stroke petrol engine–Engine size 998 CC

Variable compression ratio engine test rig - compression ratio5.5 to 11.5, Engine size 306 CC

Single cylinder four stroke dual-fuel engine test rig - Engine size 306 CC

Four stroke four cylinder diesel engine test - Engine size 2130 CC

Modern machine tool shop :

It is equipped with Jyoti CNC PX20 in CAM Lab. PX Series have been developed with the aim to deliver ability to cope up with various areas of demanding for production type application of manufacturing industry. Graded cast iron heat treated C-frame structure provides consistent accuracy for long time and gives mechanical performance which maximizes structure rigidity. This series has been designed to be achieving better surface finishing, improved cycle time and process capabilities for various applications. It has column on fixed base with ribbed stiff wall, a structure of C-frame design. It is a complete structure made out of graded cast iron and heat treated for consistent accuracy for long time and gives mechanical performance which maximizes structure rigidity. It has Broad rigid base with heavy cross ribbing dampens the effect of vibration. Its entire structure has been designed and tested by stringent FEM analysis for optimum performance under practical working conditions.

It has following features :

  • - 3-point levelling.
  • - Performance spindle.
  • - Automatic tool changer.
  • - Coolant through the spindle.
  • - Chip conveyor.
  • - Maintenance free guide ways.
  • - Table size: 660mm x 460 mm.
  • - Static and dynamic stiffness for more accuracy.
  • - Work in two modes: JOG and AUTO.
  • - 20 tools for ATC.