Soft Skills

Soft Skills - Program

Soft Skills commenced in the year 2017. Its motto is to prepare our students for facing the real industrial world. It can be done by giving them proper training with respect to soft skills. Before starting the formal training of Soft Skills, Department of Humanities had done comprehensive research through placement. For which it was decided that students can learn soft skills in their curriculum itself. This will develop their personality immensely. Soft skills brings positive attitude in students, which will be helpful to their personal and professional life.

Soft Skills has been taken care in the whole university in two parts ODD & EVEN semesters.

Sr. no. Odd Sem Even Sem
1 B.Tech Chemical MSC. IT
2 Diploma Computer BID
3 B.Tech  Mechanical Micro
4 B.Tech Civil Biotech
5 B.Tech Mechatronics B.Com
6 B.Tech Auto BBA
7 B.Tech EE Int M.Com
8 B.Tech EC B.Tech Computer
9 B.Tech Mechanical B.Pharm
10 B.Tech ICT Chemistry
11 Diploma Mechanical Chemistry
12 Diploma EE Int.M.SC Maths
13 Diploma Civil Int.M.SC Physics
14 Diwaliba Diploma Civil Nursing
15 Diwaliba Diploma Electrical MCA
16 Diwaliba Diploma Chemical BCA
17 Diwaliba Diploma Computer Fashion Design
18 Diwaliba Diploma Mechanical B.A English
19 Diwaliba Diploma Environmental  PBBSc
19 BPT B.Tech IT