On the outset of developing arena the need for counseling is unassailable and tangibly palpable more than ever. The Center of Humanities & Development subscribed to that gap and floated a full fledged counseling center in the month of July-2016. Although unofficially it had been working as an oasis on the same shores since long.

At present The Center of Humanities & Development provides a full fledged interface amongst students, faculties, non-teaching staff and last but not the least parents. The journey of counseling cell is always inwards and has been phenomenal in terms of some of the meandering in relationship buildings, citizenship building and a healthy cohesiveness that we could ignite.

The thrust areas are : Complaint redresser, Psychological predicament guidance, Mentoring on performance and potential discovery, Confidence boosters, Speech therapies, Eradication of inabilities , Invigorating psyches, Heeling, Health & Mind, Stammer reduction, Memory boosters, Focusing tactics, Grievance redresser


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