CPI - Program

Creativity, Problem Solving and Innovation Course for 3rd / 4th / 5th Semester

The course on creativity, problem solving and innovation designed by Dr. Anil and Asha Patel was launched at Uka Tarsadia University in July 2019. The objective of the course is to develop creative thinking skill in the students using c one of learning components leading to understanding of various strategies for creativity, problem solving and innovation. The studentswill have innovative mind set, ability to communicate and express individual thinking. Students will learn these concepts through interactive activities, videos and real life examples.

The course is running in the university in odd and even semesters. The details of the institutes areas follows:

3th/5th semester Semester / Year 4th semester
IntegratedM.Sc.IT-A,B 5th B.TechComputerEngg.
BID 3rd B.Tech Automobile Engg.
Integrated M.Sc.Biotechnology 3rd B.Tech Electrical Engg.
B.Sc.Biotechnology B.Tech IT Engg
B.Sc.Microbiology 3rd B.Tech Civil Engg.
Integrated M.Sc.Microbiology B.Tech Mechanical Engg.
B.Com,Integrated M.Com 3rd B.Tech ICT Engg.
B.Pharm 5th B.Tech Chemical Engg.
B.Sc.Chemistry,IntegratedM.Sc., Chemistry 5th B.Tech Mechatronics Engg.
Integrated M.Sc. Mathematics,Physics 5th B.Tech EC Engg.
BBA 5th Nursing, 2nd Year (B.Sc Nursing and PB Bsc.)
BA (English) 5th