Syllabus for BBA in Rural Management
Syllabus for Bachelor of Business Administration Rural Management
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Programme Outcome (PO) & Programme Specific Outcomes (PSO)
Programme Outcome (PO)
  • Programme Outcome (PO)
  • PO - I: Knowledge: To acquaint students with strong theoretical background of rural management theories along with its application in rural areas. Students will be able to use various management models in rural area and real working environment.
  • PO - II: Core Competence: To provide scope to students to develop their professional skills in ruralmanagementthrough the utilization of innovative educational processes in a modern, global and natural business environment for immediate employment as well as for life-long learning in advanced areas of rural management.
  • PO - III: Leadership: To enable students demonstrate their leading roles in the community, enabling him/ her take responsibilities and contribute to solve rural problems through innovative thinking, collective work, reflection, and self-development.
  • PO - IV: Problem Solving: To develop problem solving skills of students by effective team work, providing skills for effective communication in English, national as well as regional languages, paving way for critical thinking and solving real problems through the use of modern rural management knowledge.
  • PO - V: Professionalism: To provide students with an educational foundation that will prepare them for rural environment, creative and innovative roles along diverse paths in rural areas, with encouragement to professional ethics and active participation needed for a successful career.
  • PO - VI: Entrepreneurial Skills: To develop entrepreneurial skills of studentsby making them participate in various expert sessions on recent trends in the field of rural management, soft skill sessions, management fest as well as cultural fest. Students will be provided platform to explore various opportunities and challenges of rural areas and address them in a way that would facilitate innovative but effective ways of managing rural issues. With the application of teaching pedagogy such as demonstrations, field activities, case-based discussions, internships etc students will be taught to do rural business and address rural issues so as to enable them to streamline rural economy with the urban economy.
Programme Specific Outcomes (PSO)
Graduate Attributes/Program Specific Outcomes

  • Students will be able to acquaint with current trends in rural business.
  • Students will be able to identify and apply various ruralmanagement concepts while dealing with issues of rural areas. This would be done through challenge identification and action plan.
  • Students will be able to understand the fundamental concepts of rural management, its roles, skills and function. Basic knowledge of various rural aspects such as panchayati raj system, rural politics and administration, study of various rural institutions etc would enable students to learn these skills.
  • Students will become conversant with rural marketing, rural finance management, rural I.T etc.
  • Students will be able to understand the nature and scope of rural development and its role in designing and shaping economy of the nation.
  • Students will be able to use latest statistical software packages for data analysis while doing projects.
  • Students will able to develop and implement various strategies, methods and tactics for decision making and for exploring and expanding rural aspects.
  • Students will have analytical skills to critically evaluate the scope and importance of rural management. Community visits
  • Students will be able to apply effective communications skills in regional professional language.
  • Students will be able to construct a novel plan for the creation of a new venture.
  • Students will be able to develop skills in identifying, analyzing, and solving problems through a variety of rural cases which represent the real scenario of rural economy.
  • Students will be able to compute the direct tax procedures.
  • Students will be able to use IT tools in business for smooth functioning of rural ventures.