Core Values
Core values of Uka Tarsadia University :

  • 1. Scholarly rigor;
  • 2. Academic freedom;
  • 3. Integrity and ethical behavior;
  • 4. Collegiality, transparency and trust;
  • 5. Equality, inclusiveness and social justice;
  • 6. Dignity, respect and care for the individual.

Honesty and Integrity

Being honest and ethical in all interactions, maintaining the highest ethical standards in learning, research, community engagement and other services.


Engaging others with respect, openness and trust in pursuit of a common purpose, having regard for individuals, ideals and the institution as a whole.

Accountability and Transparency

We demonstrate responsibility for our actions. We take responsibility for personal and professional growth and development. We are committed for continuous evaluation and improvement in our systems and policies. We strive to establish and communicate clearly defined and articulated goals and objectives. We ensure our work adds value to the students and society at large.

Social Responsibility

University is committed to equity, social justice, and diversity, and will maintain the highest standards of integrity in our work with others. UTU serves as a stimulus to economic, educational, cultural, environmental, and community development in South Gujarat region.

Leadership and cultural heritage

The Bardoli Satyagraha of 1928, was a major episode of civil disobedience and revolt in the Indian Independence Movement. This movement was led by Shri Vallabhbhai Patel, The momentum from the Bardoli victory aided in the resurrection of the freedom struggle nationwide. Shri Vallabhbhai Patel credited Bardoli victory to Gandhi's teachings and to the Bardoli farmers' undying approach. The people across the nation recognized Vallabhbhai’s vital leadership after this episode. It was women of Bardoli who bestowed the title Sardar for the first time, which in Gujarati and most Indian languages means Chief or Leader. It was after Bardoli that Sardar Patel became one of India's most important leaders. The University is committed to the noble practices established by the great leader and as we know Leader decides the vision/destiny and we are blessed to have a leadership and a rich cultural heritage which is focused on Quality Education.