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EV Laboratory

In our cutting-edge EV Laboratories, where innovation meets practical application. With a diverse range of electric cycles and bikes, coupled with engaging workshops, we’re paving the way for a sustainable and electrifying future in transportation where students can learn about and gain knowledge about the electrical vehicles.

Laboratory of Autonomous Robotic Systems

The autonomous robotic system laboratory is the institutional facility where our students can experiment with robotic systems and explore the working principles through practice. The laboratory accommodates ROS-equipped TurtleBot3 as a programmable robotics system that students use for their research.

Apple iOS Laboratory

The state-of-the-art Apple iOS laboratory is dedicated to development of software applications for Apple products from iPhone to iMAC computers. Here students have the opportunity to learn and practice Swift programming and apple product friendly software product development.

3D Printing Laboratory

3D printing laboratory is our modern day innovative space where students get the opportunity to model their designs out of engineering drafting and transform the designs to real world applications using modern Computer Aided Design (CAD) software.

Central Computer Centre

The central computer centre of AMTICS is furnished with more than 200 highly configured computer systems. It is a playground for tech geeks, where students can nourish their programming abilities with daily practice and experimentations. The laboratory offers a wide range of software frameworks and tools for modern day web application and mobile application development.

Hardware Laboratory

In our Hardware laboratory, students explore the inner working of computer peripherals from assembling desktop computers and laptops to troubleshooting hardware devices. Students get the opportunity to explore working of various computer peripherals and their maintenance.

Drone Laboratory

Our innovative drone laboratory is a place where students can learn the flight control of drone systems and aerial robotics. Here students have the opportunity to explore the design of drone technology and program the drones according to the needs from surveillance to agriculture to good delivery.

Electrical and Electronics Laboratory

The laboratory offers a working area to understand the foundation of electrical systems and the basics of electronic circuits that helps in the design and development of digital computer systems. Here, students have the opportunity to explore various peripherals and components used in the design of digital computers.

Physics Laboratory

The physics laboratory offers the practice environment more than just theories and lessons by captivating fusion of theory and practical discovery. The wide range of instruments and practice kits are available to learn modern day applied physics including experimentations with laser to solar electricity to magnetism.

Digital Computer Design Laboratory

The digital computer design laboratory is a playground for students to design and develop small digital computers understanding the fundamentals and working of digital systems. The laboratory offers a wide range of training kits on logical gates and combinational circuitry.